Today there are many companies on the market that are more or less specialised in the assembly and installation of sectional doors and folding doors;
Our company is developing a broad spectrum industrial project as it holds the formal and intellectual ownership of know-how in the technical, design and production of components, accessories and profiles field. This differentiation from simple assemblers ensures the business’ steady growth and a position of increasing importance in the competitive market of closing system manufacturers.
Guides and boxes for panels are produced using modern, next-generation machinery and perforation and cutting lines for the insulated panels.
The high degree of automation of the processes and the industrialisation of the production cycle foster flexibility and short lead times, in any case ensuring the high quality level of products and services.

The industry

Warehouse of
ready-to-delivery doors.

Sliding warehouse
of insulated panels.

Profiling department for
door metal trackset production.

Cutting mould for door metal
trackset production.

Sectional door trackset
assembly and welding robot.

Insulated panels drilling
and milling machine.

Panels topper
cassettes machine.

Machine for the production of the pedestrian door kit
for sectional and up-and-over doors.