Industrial sectional SI series

Standard SI series sectional industrial doors can be 7.5 m wide and 5.5 m high.
Motorized or manual versions are available, these doors are manufactured with panels of 40 mm thick with a double galvanised pre-painted metal sheet 0,5 mm thickness, insulated with high density polyurethane, 120 mm slats and internal and external embossed stucco finish.
The panels are also equipped with internal reinforcement for a safe installation of central and lateral hinges.
Each door is equipped with safety systems in case of ropes or springs breaking and its opening speed in standard configuration is 130 mm/sec.
Products are availble in standard lintel 450 mm or, on request, with inclinated, partially or totally vertical sliding. Some of the available slidings, can be ordered with the lowered springs shaft, wich allows a simpler installation.
The standard version of the doors wider than 5.5 m is equipped with stronger lateral cassettes and shaft rollers and special omega profiles designed by the company.

Insulated multislat panels RIO GRANDE model

Internal ed external embossed stucco finish